Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Introspective: Dealing with Disruption

This post is going to be short, folks. I live in NW Arkansas, and we're in the middle of our 3rd-straight snow day. The odds are in favor of no school at all this week, and my RWD pick-up doesn't do too well on snowy roads. Consequently, I've been working from home alongside my wife and two children, ages 6 and 2. These have not been productive days for me, as I'm constantly interrupted by the realities of home life. Even locking myself in a room doesn't work for long because they eventually find me and harass the locked door until it opens.

I wonder if this is what some people feel like at work - people who are on multiple projects at the same time with a micro-manager. How do they ever get anything done? How much more could they get done if they were left to get their work done on only one thing at a time? And how much happier would they be while doing it?

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