Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Internet == Time Vacuum

I'm a huge Friends fan, and one of my favorite lines comes from an episode where Ross's girlfriend is looking at his old family pictures. When asked about the one with him and the albino kids, he replied, "Those weren't albino kids! That was Computer Camp!" I laughed harder than my wife because I know all too well about the albino geeks out there. To people like me, computers are fascinating machines that empower and gratify. Of course, the Internet just makes things worse! Knowledge and entertainment are readily available to fulfill our every whim. With such wonderful devices at our disposal, what motivation have we to ever leave them? I have the motivation of outside sports, improv comedy, religion, and, most importantly, my family to knock me off-line and into the real world. Every geek (and I use that term affectionately) needs to set limits that will get them out into the sun and interacting with real people. Do it for your physical health, your social life, and your pigmentation.

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